Charlie Cu Tattoo



Q: How Much Will the Tattoo Cost?

A: Estimates vary per project depending on size, design, placement, skin, and various other conditions. For this reason I do not give estimates over the phone. Figures are determined after the design is consulted in person. Small tattoo’s start out at $150 minimum and my hourly rate is $150 per hour. At my studio, I freely admit, I DO NOT HAVE THE CHEAPEST MINIMUM! Remember, you get what you pay for and only have one chance to get one tattoo on that one spot on your body. Do it right! Go to a professional!



Q: Do I Need to Schedule a Consultation?

A: Consultations must be scheduled either by phone or email. My days are normally busy with tattoo sessions and consultations will have to be scheduled before or after my tattoo sessions.



Q: Do you tattoo people under the age of 18 with parental consent?

A: No. There are no exceptions.



Q: How Do I Schedule My Tattoo Appointment?

A: Appointments can only be scheduled ONLY after we have met for the consultation, when both client and artist agree we are a good fit for the project. Not all projects will be accepted due to a number of reasons, as I may not be the best artist for the kind of style of the design your looking for. Also, our personalities may not be the best fit to work together. Some projects could take multiple sessions and I would like for both the client and artist to enjoy the process.



Q: Why Are Deposits Needed?

A: Your deposit is to reserve your spot. Deposits start at $150 but may vary depending on the size of the tattoo. Every deposit is a balance that is put towards the overall price of the tattoo. Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE -or- TRANSFERABLE!



Q: When Will I See The Layout of the Tattoo Design?

A: A tattoo idea is a collaboration between artist and client. I listen to my clients wish list, take what works and will not work and then draw every tattoo on the client with sharpies the day of your tattoo appointment.



Q: What Tattoo Styles & Subjects Are You Into?

A: I have 11 years of tattooing experience and i also have been drawing since the age of 8. I have experimented A LOT with many different styles. My current favorite tattoo styles are Illustration, Surrealism, Realism and Traditional Japanese. My favorite subjects are Dark and Eerie Imagery, Spiritual Enlightenment, Japanese, or anything Oriental.



Q: Where Are You Located?

Charlie Cu Tattoo is located at 290 Hilderbrand Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA, 30328 inside Suite B-10. I co-own the space with Marcus. Note, if you can not wait for me on my waiting list, you can  always check out 3 my website for my walk-in availability.



Because of the nature of our business, we request that no one under the age of 18 enters the premises. This includes infants.

No animals are allowed into the business.

Photo identification is required EACH time you get tattooed and you will be asked to fill out a consent form.

No more than two acquaintances are allowed into the tattoo booth during your tattoo. We understand that individuals may like company/support, but please understand too many people in a booth can be distracting to the tattoo artist.

We do not tattoo any racist/fascist imagery or gang related tattoos. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.